How can natural ingredients be so effective?

Over 40% of modern pharmaceuticals contain active ingredients that are derived from plants or other natural sources. Although many natural ingredients such as those in „Étincelle N°5”, are effective, they share one major weak point: they have poor bioavailability when taken orally. 

Natural Fisetin is not efficiently absorbed by the body. Due to the poor absorption and rapid metabolism of Fisetin some studies have shown that after consumption, little to no Fisetin is detectable in the blood.

Here, our technology comes into play. Our solution enhances natural ingredient efficacy and stability in supplements, initially targeting fisetin's bioavailability. We employ a unique 100% natural physical solution delivery system and bioavailability technology. Fisetin's low water solubility challenges administration, driving our exploration. We ensure optimal absorption and efficacy, maximizing fisetin supplement health benefits, achieving 10 times better efficacy than traditional encapsulation processes.

The Health Suppler‘s EPT delivery system increases the bioavailability of Fisetin used in „Étincelle N°5“, thereby granting Health Suppler products unparalleled efficacy as targeted dietary supplements for longevity.

With our innovative approach to handling ingredients that eliminates all the drawbacks of previously known solutions, making it a game changer. Our EPT-Technology represents a paradigm shift in the industry, replacing many existing top-selling products with direct alternatives that surpass them in effectiveness and efficiency. We have developed and are currently testing numerous compounds for medicines and herbal supplements, all of which demonstrate superior bioavailability and efficiency. These innovations will transform the market by replacing existing products with superior alternatives.